Chikako Atsuta
In Memoriam

Cherry gazing

On Friday, August 20th, 2004, Chikako Atsuta, known to her friends as Ako, left this life. This site is to honor her memory, and to comfort the many she left behind who will sorely miss her.

This is a place that everyone who knew her can share their thoughts and memories of her, and to view her works. Anyone who has pictures they would like to share here can email them to , or you can anonymous ftp them to the incoming directory and send an email to say they are there.


Gate39, the webzine on Japan, where Ako had published a number of her writings, seems to be no more. I've copied and adapted the pages to preserve those here: Ako's East Coast Blues

Past News

Other sites in her memory:

Her old web site Talk To Ako, kindly maintained by Christian Weaber

Friends of Ako (a Japanese language site)


Ako's self-portrait collage

Self-portrait collage

Some images of Ako

Her Writings

Ako was a very talented writer in many forms. Until we get something together here, some of her work can be found online.

Some of her personal essays at at Ako's East Coast Blues and more of them are at Talk To Ako which was Ako's own web site, of her own design. Christian Weaber who hosts it has just updated it to integrate some of her other works as well, including some flash animations she did for a class.

Some of her poetry is on Red Paper: Ako's East Coast Howl (not sure if it's working at the moment)

Her poem "Papers in my hand" was published in the literary journal Lifeboat, in the Augsut 2003 issue, Vol 2, No 2.

Some poems and essays can also be found at Dogtown Uncommon