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Gate39 seems to be gone. This is a copy of her pages that used to be there (thanks, Internet Archive!), minus the links that no longer work, and with bylines and contact info adapted as appropriate. The original pages were at this now broken link. To contact someone about these pages, please email

Ako's East Coast Blues - by Chikako Atsuta
Chikako Atsuta

Chikako "Ako" Atsuta's pieces talk about her life as a first generation Japanese woman living and working in Massachusetts. Discussing a number of topics ranging from her relationship with her family to her life in American culture, Ako-san's vivid writing reflects a true-ness that allow you to share a range of emotions.

Chikako Atsuta was a freelance writer and regular contributor to gate39.com, and has also written for The Gloucester Daily Times. For more information see: her memorial page.

A Cassette from Osaka
by Chikako Atsuta (8/12/02)
Reflections of the past are recorded on tape as Ako-san's mother sends her a taped coversation with her late Grandmother.

New York, New York
by Chikako Atsuta (5/20/02)
Ako-san reflects on the city that brought her from Japan to the US, and what New York City represents.

Our Far-Fetched Assumption
by Chikako Atsuta (3/18/02)
Ako-san reflects on the disappearance of her ex-husband from her and her family's lives during a recent trip back to Japan, and the assumptions they begin to make.

Yes Yoko, Yes Ako
I went to the "Yes Yoko Ono" exhibition with my friend Steve in early January. Featuring Yoko Ono's artwork crea ted during her entire career, it was held at one of the galleries at MIT. Browsing through her installations, drawings and more, I found some visitors staring at me, or sometimes, smiling or nodding at me...  (2/11/02)

The Story on Millie's Mother
A former landlord who loves to tell stories about life, shares a particularly moving story with Ako-san.    (12/8/01)

Losing Home
"I went back to Japan in May to bury my grandmother's bones... It was my first time losing a family member while I was away. It was strange. (It) scared me to feel so disconnected from a death in my family. My absence forced me to understand that a funeral is not for the dead, but for the living to share this simple fact of life: Everybody will disappear from the world one day."  (8/20/01)

Many Things Happen in Baseball 
Sometimes baseball is just good fun. A chance to relax and enjoy one of the greatest sports of all time. And at other times, it's more than just a game as Ako-san can relate to during the Red Sox pitching debut of Hideo Nomo.

Pictures of Cindy
As a Japanese member of the American "New Economy", Ako-san gets to know more about a co-worker as a result of recently vacated cubes that have become common place in many companies in the US.  (3/26/01)

Happy Birthday, Mom
Living far away from your family and loved ones can be very difficult. The problem is compounded when they become ill or need your emotional support - as those who have lived abroad can identify with. Ako-san shares her feelings as illness strikes her family. (2/26/01)

As I Tall As I Can Be 
A tall Japanese person is still rare in Japan. It was particularly so while Ako-san was growing up. Ako-san discusses the physical and cultural aspects of being a tall Japanese woman.   (12/17/00)

A Day on the Street of Colors  
The colors of summer in Boston, both in the air and in it's citizens.  (10/30/00)

Hot Date with Big Mike 93 
Ako-san makes a new acquaintance, and at the same time says goodbye to someone special.  (9/21/00)

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