On Thursday, August 26, between 6pm and 9pm, there will be a memorial service for Chikako Atsuta (known to many as Ako), held at the home of Deb Peck, at 47 Linden Ave, in Somerville, MA 02143. The memorial service will include light fare and beverages and the actual ceremony starts at 7pm. Please bring poems, pictures, stories, songs, or items to share about Ako with friends and family during the service. Also please pass this information onto anyone who may not have email or is not on this list.

The family will have a private Buddhist funeral ceremony the day before. After the cremation her ashes will be brought to Deb's house to be there for the memorial.


Linden Ave is located of off Elm Street in Somerville, near to Porter Square. Elm Street is a road the runs Eastward from Davis Square past the Porter Square Star Market (parallel to Mass Ave which is on the other side of the Star Market), to merge into Somerville Ave.

As it's a residential neighborhood there will not be room to park on Linden Ave, so please respect the neighbors and part at the parking lot of the JFK school. This is not normally open to parking but the City of Somerville and the police have kindly agreed to let us park there, and will not ticket, though they do request people refrain from parking on Linden Ave.

Getting to the JFK School

If coming from the Davis Square side, almost immediately after you pass the Star Market on your left you will see the JFK Elementary School on your right. After you park, walk another several down Elm, past the intersection with Cedar Street, at which there is a traffic light and turn left onto Linden.

If coming from the East, to get onto Elm from Somerville Ave, you'll need to fork right at a spot where Somerville Ave and Elm branch apart (if you take the wrong branch, you will shortly come to Porter Square and see the Star Market on your right). This fork can be recognized by the carwash on the left, the small plaque "Wilson Square" in the tiny median in the middle (easy to miss), and the gas station, Cumberland Farms, Starbucks (probably not visible until you take the right fork and pass it), in the middle between where Somerville Ave and Elm fork apart. The JFK school will be a short way further down Elm on the right, past Linden Ave. After you park you'll have to walk back down Elm a few blocks and turn left onto Linden (which was on your right when you passed it).

Getting to the house

47 Linden Ave will be a grey house on the right a half dozen or so blocks in; you will pass some tiny streets on the right before you get there, first Gussie and then Olive...it is just a few houses past Olive and if you get to the intersection with a larger street (Summer Street) you've gone to far. Also, the house is directly across from a tiny side street on the left, Linden Place.

Please feel free to call me (Makiko Deguchi) at 617.365.8112 (cell)/617.987.2205(home) or Deb Peck (home) 617.623.4664 or Eric Schwarzenbach (cell) 857.204.2966 for any questions.